Dallas Mural Art Project (DMAP) is an organization that promotes community-driven art experiences while celebrating diversity in the changing neighborhoods of DFW.

Got screen fatigue? Come paint with us!

In our modern world of technology, we tend to segregate ourselves and close off in our own bubbles. It’s far too easy to get lost in the digital realm and forget that we are wired for human connection. DMAP’s creative remedy is simple: get people together at free local events, bringing them out into the fresh air to engage with their neighbors and contribute to something bigger than themselves, a commemorative mural. It’s no secret that human connection is the epitome of allcultures and it’s time to bring it into the living, breathing world again.

DMAP is a creative placemaking vehicle that encourages community members to become part of a movement to beautify their neighborhoods with local art. With community design input and involvement in painting of the mural, DMAP is focused on keeping neighborhoods’ rich histories alive through public art, brought to the community by the community. We hope this encourages community-positive development that maintains the integrity of the neighborhood and people that have built their lives in the neighborhood. As the city grows, the local art works to preserve the rich history and keep the culture alive by capturing the original heart and soul of the neighborhood.

About Us


Passions – Anything music related: creation, performance, etc. & making people smile

Bucket List – Worldwide travel & owning his own vineyard

Favorite Food – Chocolate and wine

Little Known Fact – He’s not just an art and music nerd, he also played college baseball


Passions – Anything tea related, digital art creation, and hunting for any brands that participate in fair trade practices and clean, sustainable ingredient/material sourcing

Bucket List – Spend time on the Greek island of Ikaria 

Favorite Food – All the sushi 

Little Known Fact – She took piano lessons for 6 years as a kid 



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